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The Immigration and Nationality Act sets forth various grounds of inadmissibility (ineligibility) which can prevent non-citizens from entering or obtaining lawful status in the United States. In addition to enacting these various grounds of inadmissibility, Congress has also enacted several waivers which can excuse certain grounds of inadmissibility. Qualifying applicants can apply for these waivers in order to excuse their inadmissibility and allow them to proceed with their underlying immigration petition.

Not all grounds of inadmissibility are waivable and its important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney, like those at The Law Office of George K. Gomez, in order to discuss whether a waiver is necessary, the various waiver options available, the grounds of eligibility for each waiver, and the likelihood of success given the unique circumstances of each particular case.



There are various immigration waivers which can allow a qualifying non-citizen to avoid the penalties of being found inadmissible. Click below to learn more about some of the most common immigration waivers:

  • INA § 212(a)(6)(C)(ii) – False Claim of Citizenship

  • INA § 212(a)(9)(A)(iii) – Aliens Previously Removed

  • INA § 212(a)(9)(B)(v) - Unlawful Presence Waiver (coming soon)

  • INA § 212(c) – Waiver for Permanent Residents for certain criminal/immigration offenses committed before April 1, 1997 (coming soon)

  • INA § 212(d)(3) - General Waiver for Nonimmigrants (coming soon)

  • INA § 212(d)(11) – Alien Smuggling Waiver (coming soon)

  • INA § 212(e) – Foreign Residence Requirement Waiver (J Visa Waiver) (coming soon)

  • INA § 212(g) – Waiver for Health Related Grounds (coming soon)

  • INA §212(h) - Waiver for Prostitution, Crimes More than 15 Years Old, Crimes of Moral Turpitude, and Simple Possession of Marijuana (coming soon)

  • INA § 212(i) – Waiver of Inadmissibility Based on Fraud or Misrepresentation (coming soon)

  • INA § 237(a)(1)(H) - Waiver of Misrepresentation or Fraud in Procuring Visa or Entry (coming soon)


Contact an Experienced Immigration Waiver Lawyer Today!


Waivers are a complex area of immigration law and it is recommended that you consult with an experienced immigration waiver attorney to evaluate the unique circumstances of your case in order to navigate the necessary steps for your immigration waiver.  

If you need a qualified immigration attorney to handle your immigration waiver needs, contact The Law Office of George K. Gomez, P.A., in order to speak to a qualified immigration attorney to get the advice and assistance you need.


If you need an immigration lawyer or just need more information on the immigration-related legal services we can offer, our service areas, or wish to learn more about our managing attorney, contact us at (305) 539-0991, or use our online contact form.

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