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If a foreign national has been arrested and detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), he or she has the right to contact an immigration attorney. The experienced immigration attorneys at The Law Office of George K. Gomez may be able to help secure an immigration bond in an effort to obtain a foreign national’s release from immigration custody.


What is an Immigration Bond?


A bond is a deposit of money that is paid to the Department of Homeland Security to secure the release of a detainee from custody. It is designed to ensure that the detainee returns to court on their own volition. If the foreign national appears at each hearing in Immigration Court, the funds will be returned at the conclusion of the immigration proceedings. If the foreign national fails to appear at any immigration hearing, the bond will be kept by the government.


An Immigration Bond must be paid by a Lawful Permanent Resident or U.S. Citizen. It can also be paid through a bondsman who specializes in immigration bonds.


Common Reasons for Immigration Detention


While not an exhaustive list, common reasons for immigration detention include:


  • Visa violations, including overstays and unauthorized employment;

  • Arrests for criminal and/or traffic violations; and

  • Entry into the United States without inspection.


Immigration Bond Eligibility


A foreign national can pursue an immigration bond directly with ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations or with an Immigration Judge at a bond hearing. Factors considered when determining whether a foreign national is eligible for an immigration bond or how much an immigration bond will be include:


  • Whether the foreign national has a criminal history

  • Whether the foreign national poses a danger to the community

  • Whether the foreign national is a flight risk

  • Whether the foreign national has a history of stable employment

  • Whether the foreign national is eligible for relief from removal

  • The foreign national’s immigration history


Immigration Bond Hearings


If an immigration bond hearing has been requested, an Immigration Judge will consider various factors including the foreign national’s eligibility for a bond and whether the foreign national is subject to mandatory detention. During this hearing, the foreign national will have the opportunity to present evidence and testimony to the Immigration Judge. The foreign national may also be able to provide witness testimony, if relevant, to strengthen the case for bond.




Immigration bond hearings are distinct and separate from deportation cases. However, it is critical to work with an attorney who can competently handle both matters. To learn more about our immigration and deportation defense services contact our Miami Immigration Attorneys today by calling (305) 539-0991 or by reaching out to us using our contact form. From our office in Miami Lakes, we serve clients throughout the South Florida area, across the state of Florida and throughout the United States.

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